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Odessa Regional Shooting Club

Ukraine, 65026, Odessa, st. Bunin, 16 a


(094) 997-46-05, (094) 997-46-07

Ukraine, 65026, Odessa, st. Bunina, 16 a


(094) 997-46-05, (094) 997-46-07

If you are already 14 years old, you like active rest, a feeling of excitement, drive, we invite you to the Odessa Regional Shooting Sports Club. Here, under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will learn how to safely handle firearms and get a lot of new unforgettable impressions. The clubs arsenal is able to satisfy the needs of both beginners and weapons-savvy people. At your service - a variety of sports, sports and hunting firearms of various calibers - pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines (except for combat). Shooting in the shooting range is conducted in two galleries (50 and 25 meters), firing lines are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems, and comfortable conditions for the shooters have been created.


What do you need to sign up for the Club?

You need to provide a document proving your identity issued by the police (passport, or drivers license, or weapon permit), one 3x4 photo, contact phone number. Based on this, you are registered and a membership card issued. Further visits to the Club - upon presentation of a membership card. Annual membership fee - UAH 100.

What is the Clubs working hours?

From 10:00 to 20:00 seven days a week
It is necessary to arrive no later than 19:00 in order to have time to register and instruct. Preliminary reservation of time by phone: +38 (094) 997-46-07.

What weapon can be used to shoot at the shooting range?

From sporting, sporting and hunting firearms (except for combat) of the following calibers: 223Rem, 308Win, 22LR, 9mm, 7.62mm, 5.45mm, 44Mag, 45 ACP, 12/70, PTD (trauma)
Rifle, pistol, revolver, hunting carbine (except for combat)

What is the cost of a shot?

The cost of a shot depends on the caliber of the weapon you have chosen: from 10 to 45 UAH.
For educational institutions under the program "Zakhist Ukraine" (TOZ 8-01, SM-2, assembly / disassembly of the machine) - free of charge, the operation of the shooting gallery is paid for - 10 UAH / shot.

Can I shoot my weapon? How much is one track (direction)?

You can shoot from your own weapon (except for combat) only if you have a certificate for storage and carrying with a valid registration period. The cost of the track (direction) is 300 UAH per hour. When shooting from a smooth-bore weapon, only a bullet is allowed.

From what age can you practice bullet shooting in season ticket groups?

The season ticket groups (rifle / pistol) admit children aged 11–12 years. An interview with parents is obligatory. Enrollment in the group - after testing. Classes for children of groups of elementary preparation - Saturday, Sunday, from 9:00 to 13:00

How much does it cost to study in a subscription group?

800 hry. per month for newly admitted, at least two visits per week. If the achieved result satisfies the coach-teacher, athlete, parents, then the number of visits per week increases without increasing the payment.

Can weapons be repaired in the club?

The club has a workshop for the repair of non-army firearms

What are the courses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for the acquisition of weapons?

In our Club, together with representatives of the National Police, courses are held for citizens who wish to acquire weapons controlled by the licensing system of the NP of Ukraine.
Classes are held every Thursday,
classes start at 10:30, exam - at 17:00.
Citizens who successfully pass the exam receive a certificate of the established form. The cost of training is 400 UAH.
Methodical manual - 50 UAH.
You must have an identity document with you.

How to get to the club?






для вчителів предмету «Захист України» семінар-практикум, змагання з вогневої підготовки


Обласні змагання зі стрільби кульової з нагоди дня захисників та захисниць України.

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Chikalova Olga Nikolaevna

USSR master of sports of international class in bullet shooting, coach of the highest category. Education - higher specialized. She has a great teaching experience, has brought up many masters of sports and masters of sports of international class. Olga Nikolaevna is a favorite coach and a great authority for the female part of the club. Judge of the highest category.

Tokarev Vyacheslav Viktorovich

Master of Sports of the USSR of international class. Education - Graduate School of Trainers. Winner of the World Cup, multiple champion and record holder of the Union. Judge of the first category.

Afanasyev Andrey Vladimirovich

Master of Sports of Ukraine in practical shooting. Multiple prize-winner of the Ukrainian Precision Shooting Championships. Higher education. Participant of the European Championships, winner of the Championships of Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, 3rd level among veterans. IPSC judge of the national category. IPSC instructor.

Malashevsky Sergey Fedorovich

-Master of Sport. Trainer-teacher of the first category. Medalist of the championships of Ukraine, multiple champion of the Odessa region, medalist of the championships of the USSR Armed Forces.

Brener Gennady Petrovich

Shooting gallery instructor

Максименко Игорь Владимирович.

Мастер спорта Украины по стрельбе. Участник и призёр многих престижных соревнований по пулевой стрельбе.