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Odessa Regional Shooting Club

Ukraine, 65026, Odessa, st. Bunin, 16 a


(094) 997-46-05, (094) 997-46-07

Ukraine, 65026, Odessa, st. Bunina, 16 a


(094) 997-46-05, (094) 997-46-07

Practical Shooting (IPSC)

Practical shooting is actively developing in our club. Classes are taught by a shooting instructor, master of sports of Ukraine in practical shooting, ANDREY AFANASIEV. Practical shooting is a sports discipline in which participants compete in the skills of high-speed and accurate shooting from weapons, which for the most part are not exclusive, as, for example, in the Olympic sports.

In our club introductory seminars are held for those wishing to become members of the FEDERATION OF PRACTICAL SHOOTING OF UKRAINE, as well as referee seminars.

In the Odessa shooting club, shooters use pistols CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, CZ 75 TS, which are adapted versions of the famous Czech-made CZ 75 pistols for practical shooting. Members of our club, who are owners of civilian firearms, have the opportunity to fully reveal their shooting skills and the capabilities of their weapons - pistols, carbines and rifles (except for combat). Along with practicing and improving the sports skills of shooters, great attention in the training program is paid to the development of skills of necessary defense with the use of weapons.

Practical shooting is an interesting, exciting and most dynamic type of sports shooting. Lesson time: by prior arrangement with the instructor. Details - by phone: +380 (67) 60-80-652, Andrey or +38 (094) 997-46-07

Individual training

If you are already 14 years old, you like active rest, a feeling of passion, drive, we invite you to the Odessa Regional Shooting and Sports Club. Here, under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will learn how to safely handle firearms, get a lot of new, unforgettable experiences. The clubs arsenal is able to satisfy the needs of both beginners and weapons-savvy people. At your service are a variety of sports, sports and hunting firearms of various calibers - pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines (except for combat). Shooting in the shooting range is carried out in two galleries (50 and 25 meters), the firing lines are equipped with air conditioning, heating, video surveillance systems, and comfortable conditions have been created for the shooters.

In order to shoot in our shooting range, you need to become a member of the club. To do this, at the first visit, take with you a document proving your identity (passport, drivers license or weapon permit, if any) plus one photo - 3x4. We register you, issue a membership card. Subsequent visits - with the obligatory presentation of a membership card. The membership fee is 100 (one hundred) hryvnia per year. Payment is made one-time, upon registration and receipt of a membership card. In this case, a stamp is pasted into the ticket indicating the date of entry. The ticket must be presented at every visit to the club when you come to shoot.

Services for organizations

Для возможности проведения в нашем клубе учебно-тренировочных стрельб, обучения сотрудников Вашей организации безопасному обращению с оружием, необходимо:

  • • письмо на имя директора ООССК
  • • приказ руководителя организации с назначением лица, ответственного за соблюдение требований охраны труда при проведении занятия
  • • список личного состава с указанием ФИО
  • • документы на оружие, если используется не клубное
  • • копию платежного документа (предварительно получить в бухгалтерии счет на предоставляемые услуги).

Эксплуатация тира — 1 000 (одна тысяча) грн/час.

Подробнее — по тел.: +380 (67) 557-11-18, +380 (98) 337-95-31 или +38(094)997-46-07

Courses for those wishing to purchase weapons

Courses under the Ministry of Internal Affairs program are courses on the study of the material part of weapons, special means, the rules for handling them and their use.

These courses are a prerequisite for obtaining permission to purchase firearms, cold throwing, pneumatic weapons, traumatic devices controlled by the National Police of Ukraine.

The courses offer a full range of information on all issues related to the acquisition, storage and use of weapons.

Class schedule: on Thursdays from 10:30 to 18:00

Exam: Thursday from 15:00 to 18:00

The program is approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and consists of the following main sections:

1. Legal
Articles of the criminal and administrative codes that the owner of a weapon must know are articles directly related to the acquisition, storage, transportation and use of weapons.
This section provides knowledge on the use and prohibition of the use of weapons, on security measures, on registration and re-registration of weapons, as well as on the necessary actions in emergency situations. In addition, the Law of Ukraine on the National Police, orders and instructions of the National Police of Ukraine, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which are guiding documents in this area, are being studied.
Much attention is paid to the review of the laws of Ukraine concerning the issues of possession of hunting weapons and their use.

2. Medical
This section outlines the rules for first aid.

3. Technical
The section gives the necessary idea about the material part of the weapon (TTD). Contains information about the methods and techniques of shooting, storage, transportation, assembly / disassembly, maintenance of weapons. The reasons for possible malfunctions and ways of their elimination are studied.

At the end of the training, an exam is taken.

The cost of training is 400 UAH. (theoretical part and practical shooting).

Methodical manual - 50 UAH. (for those who wish).

Those who pass the exam are issued a certificate of the established sample UPD GUNP in the Odessa region. UBD benefits are provided.

To obtain a certificate, you must provide an identity document.